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Greetings from the Florida Keys! Writing to thank you for your deodorant. I sweat quite a bit at temps over 70 and down here that's always! Stopped using aluminum antiperspirant a while ago, but there's still so much other crap in everything else. Got your Sweet deodorant, with cocoa, at Help Yourself in Key West, and I'll never look back! I quite enjoy the scent, but it only lasts an hour or two. After that, no scent at all! Truly incredible. I'm accustomed to smelling a bit the next day before showering again, but even that is a thing of the past. No odor. I was smelling my armpit for like 30 seconds and finally had to admit this is the best deodorant ever.


OMG Debra- it's the BEST. Absolute best! I'm serioius Debra. This is THE BEST STUFF I've EVER used in my life. EVER, I'm telling you- the light cocoa butter scent-divine. The staying power is crazy. I just can't believe it Debra. I work out with a trainer twice weekly, and let's say I shower the night before. Put on my Sweet deodorant. Smell my pits before working out-no smell. Smell my pits AFTER working our (and trust me, I sweat HARD)--NOTHING, NO ODOR. How can that BE?!?! Okay, I just wanted you to know how much I believe in your product and how much I love that it's ALL natural. THANK YOU for being there....please never stop making it.


Cannot wait. thank you ! I am about to run out. Love this stuff, it really works! Thank you again!


I absolutely love them. They work when nothing else natural works for me.


I wish you much success so that your products are always available. I am buying for my sister and mother in KY and my grandchildren in Georgia--so I will be ordering soon. I purchased my deodorant at Whole Foods in Troy--I will make sure to put in a plug for you at the customer service desk so they continue to carry your items.:)


I recently purchased your underarm deodorant with the Cocoa Butter- I love it! It has a faint chocolate smell to me due to the cocoa butter I assume. I have tried other "natural" deodorants, but this is the only one that has worked well for me. Love it! I will be giving your products as gifts.


Debra, Hey Sweet Lady! I am a big fan. I have told you this before! but I had to write you again after the umpteenth time I see the recent dove commercial about how soft their armpits feel after spreading the horrible cancer causing chemicals in their armpits. I think of you and your wonderful product and how I wish I could chip in for a commercial for you! I will place another order soon, cheers to you and a wonderful product! We are fighting the good fight and your product is the very best on the market--your product is the best I have found in almost two decades of searching!!!!


Hi there, I just placed an order with you for 5 deodorants to share more non toxic products with friends. I just wanted to tell you that I love your stuff and I love what you're doing. I myself am recently becoming more aware of all the scary things around us and started my switch to all natural about a year ago. Anyway just wanted to say "keep up the good work" and I can't wait to get my stuff. I love what you're doing.


Thanks, Debra. Somehow my tee shirts started trapping smells around the arm pit area and I decided the deodorant I was using was baking in odors so I tried yours. So far, the Sweet deodorant controls any under arm odor and helps to refresh my tee shirts when I wear them with the deodorant on. So I am happy. I know, TMI.....lol


Hi Debbie, Your advice worked! Yay, I can stop smelling like a trucker. Thanks so much. Your deodorant is the best!


I wanted to say that your products that I've used which is the lip balm and deodorant are the best. They work, they are natural and are not harmful. Thank you for making and selling such great product...Yes. Absolutely I have nothing but the best to say about your product. I've been using the deodorant for almost 3 years now and it has never failed me. Last time I placed my first online order and I got the sweet kisses lip balm and it's been the best one I've ever used it's so hydrating and non toxic to taste.


Thank you for creating this product, I said. The coco butter is on point. This is all I use. Love it, love it. Can't wait to try the tooth powder. Thanks again, Sweet! customer for life.


I love this deodorant and stand by my comments. Very frustrating to be out of it. Sweet Deodorant is the only natural-chemical free deodorant that I found that actually works!!


I learned of Sweet from a fan of Kris Carr's. She did a comparison of several different natural deodorants and after viewing her video I read through the comments. Someone posted about Sweet and that it was made in Michigan--I was determined to try it! So glad that person posted, b/c I likely would have gone back to the chemical filled deodorants b/c Tom's, Jason's and others do not work for me.


I have to carry my belongings and walk across 3 city streets, and 2.5 blocks to get to my building entrance, then another 1.5 blocks inside to reach the elevator, ride up 25 floors and walk another 1 block to get to my desk. So, I was pretty sweaty by the time I got in at 6:30am. When I left at 3pm, my car said it was 98F degrees on I-75 and I got slightly sunburned by the time I got back home at 4:30pm. My pits were a little tacky, but my shirt was dry and unless you were to stick your nose directly next to them there was no smell at all. Woohooo!!!


Your products are lovely and you will be seeing me on your site quite often. My hubby and I are hooked. The body butter is working wonders on my hubby's new tattoos. Thank you for the quick shipping and responses.


"Love this product. Ordering more soon. Think I will be using a lot of this. My hubby is using it on a new tattoo and it is working to keep it moisturized. Better than the tattoo stuff on the market. Your products are wonderful."


This is the best truly all natural deodorant I have tried. I am hooked. After using it in the morning, I went all day, then all night, worked out the next morning and still did not stink. The cocoa butter is awesome. Thank you for such a great product.


I want you to know that this is truly the best deodorant ever. I have had lots of problems with smelling with other brands but yours rocks! I have no odor at all. Ever. That's a big deal. Thanks again!


Debra, Thanks so much. I love your product indescribably. I wish I could give it to my discombobulated 14 year old self, and also tell her that shaving ones legs is pointless. Thanks again.


Thank you so much by the way for making such an awesome product. It works WONDERS. I can go all day AND work out on one application. I love this deodorant so much :)


Dear Debra, Greetings from Dublin, Ireland! My family gathers from all parts of the world to meet for Christmas in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we are from. Last Christmas my sister gave us all one of your SWEET! deodorants. OMG-I love your deodorant that I hijacked my husband's SWEET! deodorant gift from my sister as well. It lasted a super long time, was super effective in the tropics and without the toxins. (I almost did not believe my sister that it would be that effective.) Where has this been all my life?!?!? Thank you for coming up with the awesome invention. I am now hooked and can't return to the conventional deodorants. Now, I want to try every product you've got.


Greetings, Deb-I just wanted to let you know I've been using your SWEET! cocoa butter formula deodorant now for a couple of months and I absolutely LOVE it! It smells delicious going on and works very effectively. (I love that it makes my pits smell like chocolate bars :) ) I am very aware/concerned/make efforts to avoid harmful chemical ingredients in my personal care and cleaning items, and buy cruelty-free, but have also found-to my chagrin- that they oftentimes don't work. Your SWEET!, however, is the most all-around satisfying deodorant I've ever used. The texture/consistency are very pleasant, it smells terrific, and it works fantastically (never irritating on freshly-shaven skin, even!), and it's completely clean and cruelty-free.


Hi there! I bought two deodorants from you at the Royal Oak high school health fair. It works great, especially on my Stinky teenage boy! Can I post your deodorant on my Facebook?


Hi! I loved it so much I came back for another one for my granddaughter. It's smells like chocolate. Best of all, it works! Thanks again!


Hi Debra! I received my deodorant. So far I really like it! I am glad you have created such a product. Congratulations! I will tell my friends about your products in case they are interested. I appreciated the smooth easy transaction. Thanks again! Oh, and thanks for offering on eBay too! I shop for quite a number of natural products on there.


Received both of your deodorants and absolutely LOVE them!!!!! Thank you so much for such an amazing product, you now have two more loyal customers.


Thank you so much. I have to tell you, this is the BEST natural deodorant I have ever used. I was making my own but was having issues with the baking soda. So then I tried 5 or 6 other ones on the market and they only lasted 3-4 hours. I am utterly amazed by your product. I had to stock up. :) Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.


Thanks Debra! We're stoked! It's our 11 year old daughter who LOVES your product the most, and I love that she prefers your natural formula!! Thanks you!

S.and W.

Thank you for making such great products too. I'm not sure what we'd do without it. I could never see myself using any other deodorant out there again...It's absolutely gross all the toxins in the stuff on the supermarket shelves. Now that I look back, I can hardly believe I used half that stuff!!


I have tried every deodorant out there. And I do mean every deodorant. None have worked as well as Sweet. I have what some like to call B.B.O. and nothing has helped until now. Thank you Sweet Sweat. If you had a fan club I'd be the president.

Tara C

Thx and Happy Holidays! I gave your deodorants as gifts and one of the recipients called to tell me it's been the ONLY one she's tried that works! I agree!


Hi Deb, Wanted to get back to you after trying the deodorant. LOVE IT!! Never a smell, even after working out!


Dear Debra, I am a very happy returning customer. Your deodorant is working wonders for my daughter, who has turned her nose up (quite literally) at just about every "natural" deodorant on the market.


Hi Debbie, the current version of Sweet is much better than the previous one. I have taken it with me traveling and no problems with it melting, this is an Excellent product and I love that it is made in Michigan.


Hi Debra, Well I'm hooked on your deodorant! You can let people know the best thing for me and the way it works it that even after riding my horse, I no longer smell like one :)


Hey Debra, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your deodorant! It's the only thing that has worked! You're a genius! I will definitely be ordering more for me and for gifts. Thanks!!! Cheers


Debra, Just have to tell you I LOVE YOUR DEODORANT!!! I have been telling everyone about it. What I do before I apply it is blow it with my hair dryer for a second to warm it up. I do want a wholesale account so when I get back to MT, I can sell it in my office. Thanks


Debbie--My daughter & I came to the Wellness Fair on Sunday, and came across your booth. We were very interested because we (and my husband) have been trying and looking for years for a good "natural" deodorant. You are such a nice person, and you were so excited about your product, that we decided to try it. Well, (No surprise to you, I'm sure!) IT WORKS!!! We absolutely love it! We would like to order more for ourselves and share it with a few others. I just want to thank you for this wonderful product, and thank you for all your efforts in developing this great product....My daughter is in love with your product too. This is the first time that she has found something that makes her feel fresh and non-stinky the whole day through! Congrats to you! Thanks again...


Hello Debra, THANK YOU  for the BEST DEODORANT EVER! I love not being stinky on these HOT summer days!!! Yes, I will be ordering sometime at the end of the month for more. Even my husband loves this deodorant because of the NO CHEMICALS AND NO ALUMINUM plus added bonus for him, he doesn't smell flowery. I have been telling every one I know too what a great product you have and worth every penny! Because we have been learning so much lately about the trouble our world has over usage of chemicals in EVERYTHING, its just great to know that you care enough about humanity that you are willing to make and share your product. PLUS THE EXTRA BONUS, YOU ARE HERE IN MICHIGAN, YEAH

Happy Customer

I wanted to let you know that your deodorant is awesome! By far the most effective natural deodorant I've ever used (and I've tried a bunch). I can go all day and not be stinky by the end. LOVE it! Thank you for creating it. PLEASE start selling it at Whole Foods.


Hi Debbie, I did get it and I LOVE IT! Thanks


Hi Debbie. AJ and I both love the deodorant...It's simply fantastic! I can't thank you enough for the coupon code, speedy delivery, wonderful service and most important- terrific product:). We look forward to using sweet for years to come and hope to find your product in retail stores near us in the future...Absolutely--anything you need just let me know...AJ and I love your product and it truly does work so please post whatever you think will help people get on the band wagon :) .


Sweet Deodorant is the real deal! I have tried ALL of the "natural" deodorants and none of them worked for me. I love that it is free of toxic materials and it works better than the commercial deodorants. This is truly the best deodorant out there!


Thank you! We can't get enough. Actually this started as my deodorant and my hubby stole the 1st one and my best friend got my second! I recommend your product to everyone!


Hi Debra! I picked up some of your deodorant at Michigan Veg Fest. I've used a lot of natural deodorants in my day, the the experience has always left me disappointed- and smelly. I"m happy to report that your deo is the best thing that has ever happened to my armpits. It works better than any deo or anti-perspirant, vegan or non-vegan. And it's a product I can feel good about using, because it shares my ethics and commitment to animal rights and natural ingredients. So, long story long, thank you for making this most excellent deodorant and for being a vendor at VegFest! I hope it was a successful day for you and that many happy people went home with some SWEET! deodorant...I will be sharing your website with all of my vegan friends and anyone interested in natural body care products. Thanks again!


I Debbie, I am in love with your deodorant!!!! I've always said that I stink like a man when I sweat. None of the "natural" deodorants ever worked, and the only over the counter drug store deodorant that ever really worked for me was the "prescription strength". A Vegan friend of mine turned me on to your product. I can't get over how great it works. It's incredible! I feel so much more comfortable knowing that i'm not poisoning my body AND I am truly protected. Please tell me how I can become a member of your fan club. Many thanks.


Thanks so much! I love the deodorant! Have a great day!


Hi Debra, I have had a difficult time since discontinuing use of toxic deodorant products...I have tried several "natural" products and all but gave up before I found your wonderful product. I have only been using for a few days but I am hooked and going to purchase more to try and save more armpits! Thank you.


Hi Debra, I bought some at the Royal Oak wellness fair in April and love it! Went back to my old deodorant when I finished the Sweet and was very disappointed in it! Found a natural deodorant that works and smells great! Thanks! Two for me and one to share with my daughter! Get her introduced too! Namaste!


Oh great, thank you so much! I really LOVE this product. I can't believe I finally found a natural deodorant that still works so well. Great job-you have a life long buyer in me! Thanks.


Thank you! I just met a woman who turned me on to your deodorants. She gave me one as a gift after a discussion about stinky pits...and I'm happy to report that Sweet is GREAT! I'm paying it forward by buying some to share with my family :). Thank you again and I look forward to sharing your product.


Hi Debra, BRILLIANT! I met you at the Westside Farmers Market & bought a shea butter stick on Thurs....I shared w/you that I too had tried all kinds of deodorant & nothing really worked...I had to pretreat the armpits of all my shirts because the smell would come thru the wash if I didn't. My life has changed! no more stinky pits! I worked in the garden & sweat a lot, which is good, but no foul odor. I am so happy! THANKS again for a life changing product. I feel blessed to have met you. Be Well.


Hi Debra, I wanted to express my gratitude for your sweet sweat product. I am writing this right now because I ran out of sweet and I'm currently wearing a different natural deodorant. My sweat has a pretty bad odor and the deodorant isn't working at all. I had to gratuitously apply it twice today and no luck. I am regretting not ordering my sweet deodorant earlier. Your deodorant is hands down the most effective deodorant I've ever used. Three rolls under each armpit in the morning and I am good throughout the whole day. The best part about your product is that it is 100% all natural and safe. I'm an active 23 year old and I need a deodorant that works. Thank you for your deodorant.


Debbie. Your product is the only thing that keeps me smelling sweet. I tell all my family and friends! Thank you!