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SWEET! Deodorants  and SWEET! Dreams Hats by Debra Metler 

Welcome to SWEET! Alternatives!

by Debra Metler
Sweet Sweat LLC, Michigan

SWEET! Vegan, Toxin-Free Deodorants are Made Fresh in Michigan
and They Really Work!


Shea Butter


Cocoa Butter

WARNING! Your Deodorant Might be Dangerous to Your Health!

Your deodorant might contain toxins like propylene glycol (a petroleum product found in antifreeze and brake fluid, linked to brain , liver, and kidney damage), aluminum (linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's Disease), parabens (linked to cancer), triclosan, (linked to antibiotic resistance) and even more horrors. 

Many of the "natural" deodorants sold in health food stores even have propylene glycol listed as the first ingredient! Maybe you've seen the innocent looking and economical  crystal deodorants made of "natural mineral salts". These look very tempting, BUT, the mineral salts are actually bauxite ore= aluminum! Considering that your armpits contain lymph nodes, breast tissue and are a portal to your bloodstream, this could be a dangerous and totally unnecessary way to not stink.

Say goodbye to stinky armpits without jeopardizing your health!

SWEET! deodorants are made of 5 all natural, vegan, and toxin-free ingredients. Best of all, they really work! You don't need an arsenal of potentially lethal chemicals to combat stinky armpits. Try SWEET! It really works!!!!!

SWEET! Dreams Hats by Debra

I love fibers, color, texture  and meaningful messages, so I design and crochet my one of a kind SWEET! Dreams hats out of multiple yarns and multiple dreams. Every SWEET! Dreams hat is a soft and cozy reminder to hold onto your colorful dreams and wear them proudly. Sweet dreams are made of this...