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SWEET! Vegan Mini Deodorants for Purses, Gym Bags, Pockets +


SWEET! Minis are smaller versions of the original SWEET! deodorants so now you can leave your full-sized deodorant home. Sized at 2.5" tall and .35oz, SWEET! Minis will fit happily into your purse, gym bag, or even pocket! 

SWEET! Minis are available in shea butter or cocoa butter just like their full-sized versions. Please refer to the description on the SWEET! deodorant full-sized product page for more details.

Please choose between shea butter and cocoa butter.

SWEET! Minis will ship by First Class Mail for $3.50 when they are purchased alone. The Minis will ship for FREE when combined with other orders.

NOTE: The full sized SWEET! deodorant in the picture is not included. It is just there as a model to showcase the new petite Mini SWEET! deodorant from behind.

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