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Vegan,Toxin-Free Cosmetics That REALLY Work!

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SWEET! Alternatives are vegan, toxin-free, gluten-free, unscented cosmetics 
created by Debra Metler at Sweet Sweat LLC 
and freshly made in Michigan
(Appropriate for All Ages)


Shea Butter


Cocoa Butter



Liquid/Spray Deodorant


Tooth Powder


Toothpaste Alternative


Tooth Powder  Peppermint 

 Toothpaste Alternative


All Over

Body Butter 

Cocoa Butter


Lip Balm

Your Deodorant and Toothpaste 
Might Be Dangerous to Your Health!

Your deodorant might contain toxins like propylene glycol (a petroleum product found in antifreeze and brake fluid, linked to brain, liver, and kidney damage), aluminum (linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's Disease), parabens (linked to cancer), triclosan (linked to antibiotic resistance), and more horrors? Even many of the "natural" deodorants in health food stores have propylene glycol as the first ingredient! Maybe you've seen the crystal deodorants with "natural mineral salts". Well, the mineral salts are actually bauxite ore which is actually aluminum! Did you know that your armpits contain lymph nodes and breast tissue and are a portal to your bloodstream?

Your toothpaste probably contains sodium fluoride (rat poison, used by the Nazis to sterilize and pacify prisoners, and very toxic), sodium lauryl sulfate (a skin irritant linked to cancer), saccharin (linked to bladder cancer) and more. Plus there's even a warning on toothpaste to call Poison Control if swallowed.  Even if you don't swallow your toothpaste, it is absorbed by your mouth and enters your body. Did you know that fluoride actually makes your teeth and bones more brittle and does nothing to protect teeth from cavities. The glycerin in your toothpaste coats your teeth so your saliva can't remineralize them. Most toothpastes are pretty toxic. It's all pretty disgusting actually.

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Debra Metler a.k.a. The Toxin Detective is available for corporate meetings, conferences, special events and more, to present her surprising and often shocking research about the toxins in the cosmetics/body care products that we slather on our bodies daily. She also presents simple yet effective ways to reduce our toxic exposures from those insidious cosmetics out there. 

Interactive, Informative, Pertinent and Entertaining!

Please contact her for more information at: debmetler@gmail.com or 248-819-2131 


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