SWEET! Alternatives

Vegan,Toxin-Free Cosmetics That REALLY Work!

Welcome to SWEET! Alternatives!
SWEET! Alternatives are vegan, toxin-free, gluten-free, unscented cosmetics 
freshly made to order, one at a time 
by Debra Metler
Sweet Sweat LLC
, Michigan
(Appropriate for All Ages)


Shea Butter

2 sizes!

Really Works!


Cocoa Butter

2 sizes!

Really Works!

SWEET! Faces 

Face Butter

2 sizes!


SWEET! TEETH Tooth Powder/ Peppermint or Original Flavor

Fresh Mouths!

SWEET! TEETH Herbal Tooth Powder

Happy Teeth!


Lip Balm

Shea Butter/

Cocoa Butter

Soft Kisses!

Toxin Alert!

Your deodorant might contain toxins like propylene glycol, or "propanediol", (a petroleum product found in antifreeze and brake fluid, linked to brain, liver, and kidney damage), aluminum (linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's Disease), parabens (linked to cancer), triclosan (linked to antibiotic resistance), and more horrors? Even many of the "natural" deodorants in health food stores have propylene glycol as the first ingredient! Maybe you've seen the crystal deodorants with "natural mineral salts". Well, the mineral salts are actually bauxite ore which is actually aluminum! Did you know that your armpits contain lymph nodes and breast tissue and are a portal to your bloodstream? It's even been stated that 9 out of 10 breast cancer tumors start in the armpit area and the toxic ingredients in deodorants have been found in the tumors...

Have you read the back of your toothpaste yet? It says to call Poison Control if swallowed! Toothpaste toxins are absorbed through your mouth even if you somehow don't swallow any of it. The glycerin in toothpaste coats your teeth so your saliva can't remineralize them naturally. Scary..... Give SWEET! Alternatives a try!

SWEET SOUL BEADS Bracelets: Sweet Soul Beads will inspire your soul while energizing and balancing your 7 Chakras. Created from beautiful semi-precious gemstones with powerful meanings, this handmade special jewelry has the potential to enhance your life on many levels!  Every bracelet will have the exact semi-precious gemstones but note that each gemstone is natural and one of a kind and will have its own special patterns and personality. Available in 3 sizes!

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